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making up for yesterdays non-Look

making up for yesterdays non-Look


Richard III is like this: the audience is a mouse, and he is a snake that has us hypnotized, transfixed.



like, it’s really important that hamlet is prince of denmark— it’s really important that he’s not just any random dude whose father has been murdered. “lord hamlet is a prince, out of thy star, this must not be” is important, and “imperial jointress to this warlike state” is important, and “there’s something rotten in the state of denmark” is important, and though i have no great love for him, fortinbras is important

because hamlet is— it feels wrong to call it political, as if there’s some standpoint shakespeare was trying to advocate for, and it feels wrong to call it about power, since it’s also about family, and grief, and depression, and lots of other things

but soooo much of it is the claustrophobic terrifying enclosure of elsinore, the invisible weight of the structure of the whole court, the environment of doublespeak and dual identities— claudius is never referred to as “claudius” in dialogue, only as “the king”— rosencrantz and guildenstern’s implications that hamlet is only sad because he didn’t get the throne, hamlet’s slow shocked realization that a king can end up in the guts of a beggar and when you’re dead it doesn’t make any damn difference

hamlet isn’t just anybody, he’s an heir, he’s the king’s son, denmark’s a prison and he is trapped in it because he is the prince of denmark. not a lord, not a general’s son. he comes from power and he has lived in power all his life and that is important.

also, because i’ve gone 5 minutes without mentioning cal shakes hamlet:


Pictured: Clint Ramos’ set model for Hamlet, the majority of which is taken up by an empty swimming pool. Ramos and director Liesl Tommy took much inspiration from photos of abandoned mansions and palaces—places that were post-power but pre-ruin. (x)


     (via danishprince)


Scorpio have a love for making others feel uncomfortable and provoking people. This sign understands that all that is comfortable is simple and untruthful, which makes them want to draw out the the truth of situations, no matter how uncomfortable it makes others feel. 

i need to relearn so many things, be patient with me

theres so much good hamlet discussion on my dash tonight that i feel as though ive accomplished something even though all i did today was sleep and sniffle


Have you practiced not gendering strangers today?




why am i not kissing a girl right this moment

i keep freaking out bc im almost done w college and that means i need to get out as many of my gender/presentation feelings as soon as possible before i go real world




You know, that Fortinbras has Horatio shot thing is precisely the sort of horrible doomy thing I’d come up with in one of my perverse AU-ruining moods and I really like the idea that that showed up in an actual production >:)